Let’s send you CUSTOMERS 
For Your Business from GOOGLE

Brands we work with 

Do you have a great product/service ?

Do you need an affordable, steady & reliable source of new customers for your business ?

Do you want to 2X or 3X the size of your business by the end of the year ?

If this applies to you, then we would be happy to work with you.

We help businesses reach their customers using Google advertising & Whatsapp 


Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day.

This means whatever your business is, right now someone is using Google to look for your product/service

Think about it, how many times have you used Google to find information about a business or product you bought ?

We can help you reach your potential customers and grow your business by

1. Promoting your business on Google using paid advertising.

2. Automatically direct ready to pay customers to you on whatsapp using a custom landing page.

We've worked with businesses like yours in various business sectors delivering amazing results.

Forget about clicks, impressions, engagement or other digital marketing vanity metrics, Let's send you customers NOW

We work with buinesses who satisfy the below criteria

1. Have a very specific Deal/Product/service to promote.

2. The cost of what the product/service you sell must be at least N10,000

3.  Ready to pay for a REFUNDABLE  initial 1 week promotion, which will cost  N20,000 

4.   After the initial promotion & based on performance, we agree on a daily budget going forward which can be as low as N5,000 daily or as HIGH as you want. 



 If we don't deliver *any leads or enquiries after the initial 1 week period, we will return *100% of the money invested.

Is your business a fit for our promotions ?

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